Introduce -Medical Tourism
Farshe Baad Introduction and history :
Medical and therapeutic tourism is rapidly becoming a growing industry, and many people travel abroad for treatment outside of their countries for specialized medical centers, which can also be used for tourism and tourism. Benefit. With high medical centers and a large number of ultrasound physicians and the most up-to-date medical equipment in the hospitals of the European countries, Iran has the potential to advance this industry. Iran has been able to provide patients with a wide range of all high-quality treatments, taking into account the global standards in medical research and medical and medical services. Every year, many people from all over the world come to the country for medical treatment, which can be considered an excellent destination for medical tourism and health. Shams Health & Therapeutic Complex, with the renowned Iranian medical and scientific facilities and facilities, as well as all the tourism and recreational centers of the wider land of Iran, will provide the best and most diverse package packages for respected patients. And in the perspective of the next 5 years, Shams is one of the world's top health tourism centers in the Middle East.
Competitive Advantages:
  • Reasonable and competitive price
  • High Quality of Clinical Services
  • Famous and reputed physicians
  • Attractions of tourism
  • Tourism security
  • The health tourism sector has been launched for Iranian and foreign citizens for conducting medical tours, introducing natural therapeutic areas, hospitals and specialist and specialist clinics, and physicians of the country. This section is one of the types of tourism that has three modes: Health tourism: Traveling to areas where there are, for example, mineral water springs, without the presence of a therapist. Therapeutic tourism: use of mineral water, salt, natural slime, sunshine Hot springs and so on. Under the supervision and with the presence of a doctor, medical tourism: traveling to treat illness or surgery in health centers and specialist and specialized hospitals. .