Farshe Baad Introduction - Introducing
Farshe Baad Introduction and history :
The Iranian Student Tourism Center has started its activities in the field of domestic and foreign travel since 1385. Due to having the necessary permissions from the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (under the umbrella of the Carpet Travel Company), while providing public tourism services, this center has recorded many professional experiences in the field of subject, specialist and student tours in its history. Has achieved.
The company's founders from the University of Tehran Faculty of Fine Arts have been engaged in travel and tourism activities and have always been leading student tours for university students and academics. Before graduating, as one of the subsectors of the Entrepreneurship Center of the University of Tehran, on 16 Azar Avenue, he was attending special student tours of all universities. After graduation, they started establishing a company and obtaining relevant legal permits to continue their activities. .
Another activity of this center is the issuance of the International Student Card (ISIC) (for information on the benefits of this card, see the service section), card holders in more than 110 countries of the world can use their services in providing special student and tourism discounts. .